Jakarta International Coffee Conference 2023

Gallery of Distrik Seni x Sarinah Jakarta, November 17-19 2023

About JICC

Prepare for an extraordinary international coffee conference and expo that promises to immerse you in the dynamic evolution of Indonesia’s coffee industry. This event transcends traditional notions of industry and embraces the boundless creativity that’s an integral part of it.

The Jakarta International Coffee Conference is not just an event; it’s an answer to the multifaceted needs of stakeholders. It encompasses everything from production and investment to cutting-edge marketing strategies, all brought to life through captivating collaborations, both locally and on the global stage. Join us in this caffeinated adventure as we explore the world of coffee like never before!

Why You Should Attend?


Related to how people can come together to form a community and provide support for positive activities.


Collaboration pertains to how we can foster creativity by involving multiple parties to create a movement with a meaningful impact.


Relating to how collaboration and community can come together to create an activity that provides a memorable and unique experience.


Concerning how coffee can boost a country’s economy, benefiting every stakeholder within the industry, from upstream to downstream.

Conference Topics


Coffee Nursery 
Terroir of Coffee Plantation
Coffee Plantation Process
Post-Harvest Coffee Processing 
Green Beans Coffee Trading and Export Import
Coffee Climate


Cafe Management
Roasting Facility
Exclusive vs Massive
Commercial Consumer
Future of Industry

Live Streaming

Jakarta International Coffee Conference 2023

IBC Liga Kopi Jakarta Preliminary

The Agenda

Conference & Education

Discover the world of coffee like never before! Series of exciting workshops and events that will take you on a journey through the entire coffee industry. From the earliest stages of production to the final delicious cup, learn all about how coffee is made and have the chance to get hands-on with interactive coffee-making experiences. There are various programs available to cater to diverse needs, so anyone can find something suitable.

Coffee Market

Unlock the exquisite world of coffee by indulging in a diverse range of products, ranging from locally sourced blends to premium global brands. Discover a variety of home appliances to professional classes, and elevate your coffee experience to new heights. 

Diplomasi Kopi

Discover the potential of coffee diplomacy to boost global exports. By leveraging strategic partnerships with neighboring countries and stakeholders, to ensure sustainable and competitive growth in the market. 

Coffee Business Matching

Welcome to the hub of coffee trading, where producers and consumers meet to make profitable deals. This is the perfect opportunity to gain insight into the worldwide coffee industry and introduce your own country’s industry to potential partners. Establish mutually beneficial partnerships to take your business to new heights.

Coffee Exhibition​

Experience the fascinating world of coffee and its deep-rooted connection to the creative industry. Explore the showcase and diorama, to witness the intricate process of coffee-making and its impact on the creative industry. Educational presentations about the coffee industry and discovering the rich history and culture behind will also be included.

Indonesia Coffee Competition League

Get ready to witness the ultimate showdown of coffee-making skills at the Barista Championship in Jakarta! Hosted by JICC and organized by Poros Kopi, fourteen of the most talented baristas will compete against each other to secure a spot in the National level competition. And that’s not all – the winners will have the opportunity to represent Indonesia in the world level Barista competitions. The Jakarta Coffee Barista Championship is a part of the 2023-2024 ICC League program by AKSI-SCAI, so you know this is going to be one exciting event you don’t want to miss!

Food Pairing with Coffee

Certain foods are considered to be perfect accompaniments to coffee. In this place, visitors can find a variety of snacks and foods that complement coffee perfectly. Additionally, visitors will be educated about the stories and reasons why these foods are appropriate to be served with coffee in each tenant that has been provided.


Transform your coffee experience into a vibrant and lively celebration with our diverse range of musical performances. From talented bands to exciting karaoke, every moment will be infused with the rhythms and melodies that make life so much more colorful. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a world of music and sensation.

Creative Zone

There’s no denying that the right entertainment can take any event to the next level. With creative games and activities that are engaging, it will definitely add to the memorable experience.

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